Trekking South
Tunisia offers the full Sahara experience with the great sand dunes of the Grand Oriental “Erg”. In the south, the ....
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The Atlas mountain range, which starts in Morocco and stretches majestically at 1544 meters high to the North of ...

The south

Tunisia offers the full Sahara experience with the great sand dunes of the Grand Oriental “Erg”.
In the south, the scenery is panoramic and diverse leading to the far Northern edge of the African Sahara. Hikers will find here their ideal playground and walks adapted to all abilities and levels.

The oases of Douz and Ksar Ghilane for instance are the last islands of greenery and vegetation before you hit the barren desert wastes.

A typical trekking day in the desert

Trekking tours in the desert start in the autumn season from October up until April. At this time of the year, the days are neither too long (about 12 hours day light) nor too hot. The sun rises at 6:30am to 7:00 am and sets at about 17:30 to 18:00.
The expeditions, on foot or by dromedary, are organized in groups led by experienced Sahara guides. The luggage and equipment are transported on the backs of dromedaries.
Wake up call is at about 6:30 am just before sunrise with departure by about 7:30 am in order to enjoy walking in the cool hours of the morning and to experience the magnificent sunrise over the dunes.

Trekking tours are carried out in phases of 3 to 4 hours steady walk according to everyone’s ability; then there is a 2 hour midday break for lunch and a siesta on the warm sand in a shady area. This is followed by another 2 hours walk before pitching camp by the end of the day (Before 18:00 pm).

The tour leaders and the camel drivers will demonstrate to you how to set up the tents and show you the best spots for a night in the open. They will also teach you how to light a fire and divulge some secrets for cooking in the open. Setting up the bivouac is particularly important shows you the way the ancient Nomads have lived through the ages.

Finally, you are advised to go to bed perhaps as early as 21:00 to 22:00 pm in order to summon up your strength for another day.
We need to bring to your attention that unlike summer time, night time in winter is much cooler. You need therefore to wrap up warm.
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