Trekking South
Tunisia offers the full Sahara experience with the great sand dunes of the Grand Oriental “Erg”. In the south, the ....
Trekking North
The Atlas mountain range, which starts in Morocco and stretches majestically at 1544 meters high to the North of ...

The siroko traveller

Siroko travellers are by no means the usual “mass tourists”. They are in search of authentic sentiments. They can nourish at a sunset, at the smile of a child or at a sand dune as well as at the riches of an archeological site. Siroko travellers want above all to live the journey to the far not just let it happen.

Their open mindedness and search for physical and emotional welfare make them appreciate a trip to the most unusual places and enjoy the cosiness of a small hotel or a bivouac in the desert.

For this reason, Siroko Travel offers you:

  • Tours in small groups who share the same language and the same passion for discovery. This is to limit the impact we have on the surrounding environment and also encourage contact with local people.
  • Unusual routes that take you off the beaten tracks.
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