Trekking South
Tunisia offers the full Sahara experience with the great sand dunes of the Grand Oriental “Erg”. In the south, the ....
Trekking North
The Atlas mountain range, which starts in Morocco and stretches majestically at 1544 meters high to the North of ...


Although often associated with sun, sea and sand mass tourism, Tunisia is a versatile country, small in size but huge in natural and cultural wealth.
Trekking is the ideal way to discover its enchanting heritage which harmoniously confines fragments of history with the treasures of a changing natural environment.

Trekking enthusiasts can only appreciate this very special destination. A microcosm of Africa, Tunisia first reveals the charm and allure of the low and sparse vegetation along the Mediterranean sea ascending to the Atlas mountains beyond which lie the vast Sahel prairies, the gateway to the desert.

Spread all over the country the amazing Roman ruins lay scattered in the Tunisian soil.
Trekking tours in the North offer an opportunity to explore the unique and the most fascinating sites of the Mediterranean basin: Douga, Bulla Regia, Makthar, Sbe?tla, Haidra and Thuburbo Majus, so many more unexpected fabulous landscape bringing back ancient memories.

A perfect marriage between the sea and desert rich in contrasts and history, Tunisia offers a huge potential for ecotourism.

The wild beaches of the northern coast coupled with the mountain forests as well as the huge Sahara desert in the South give the nature lovers and ramblers immense satisfaction.

Siroko travel, a leader and specialist in trekking, will give you the opportunity to witness for yourself the other side of Tunisia.
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